FilmXFilms is the brainchild of a group of innovative, and expressive group of young idea-men, all with a love for storytelling and bursting with way's to share there own. Storytelling, has been mysterious, but some how integral influence on humans since our conception. The need to share and explore our ideas for the betterment of the world literally flows through our veins. And what better way than Film. With that thought, we formed FilmXFilms, a instrument to, and share those ideas through the best way we know how. 

Update: January 1st 2014 A new year, brings new beginnings, and a Motivational reinforcement of a old goal:Get project cyclone out to the world.. But, first ,and quick update on current events. If you've been following our twitter recently 

( @FilmXFilmsStudi) you know we have a poster coming within weeks! You'll be able to download a digital version for free, but to help support Project: Cyclone and the crew, we'll have  physical full Cinema Standard sized poster for $5, that we can mail to you either signed or un-signed by the FXF crew. Once again, that's coming in the next few weeks.

Now a bit serious part of the update. Besides the film witch we all work our tails off of  every day to bring to you guys, there is a reason we so far have only one trailer up. The initial plan, after the teaser, was to grow from your support from that, put out a few more trailers, bigger and bigger,  and we'd e at a much farther point in production of this film than we are now. What happened was though, after the unlimited free time to work on the film we know as summer, we hit high school, and that began to eat up a majority of our time! As the top priority ,a lot of work for the film was set back these last few month,  as we were adjusting to that as well in our lives. But now, after this winter time, we are finally able to resume work ,and production of the film, with a poster coming out, a new trailer just on the horizon, Things are looking bright for project cyclone, and and coming from us soon. Thank you ,and remember to stay up to date on everything in production of the film, including BTS concept art and photos from the set you wont see even on this website or anywhere else,  remember to follow us Twitter @FilmXFilmsStudi, and subscribe to our YouTube channel!

(Just a quick note, we did remove the  Discussion with the director episode, as its been month since the initial episode, and we're really un-happy with the product we put out that it was.  No worries, a re-imagined, more professional version of the show will be coming soon, along with the other events we talked about above).

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