Newest Video: Making of "The Candy Bar" Part 1

    FilmXFilms is the brainchild of a group of innovative, and expressive group of young idea-men, all with a love for storytelling and bursting with way's to share there own. Storytelling, has been mysterious, but some how integral influence on humans since our conception. The need to share and explore our ideas for the betterment of the world literally flows through our veins. And what better way than Film. With that thought, we formed FilmXFilms, a instrument to, and share those ideas through the best way we know how. 

Update: August 24th 2014. Wow, so many things have happened this last year, I can tell you! To start ,our crew has grown to nearly 6 people 3 tripods, a crane and over 200 pounds of equipment. We've brought new crew member and close friend of mine Tyler Phillips(TSLtyler on Youtube) as well as returning member Trey Torr.

Our twitter and Facebook page have a good sizeable following now ,and the home base of the FXF YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/user/FIlmXFilms/videos) has reached over 500 views and is on its way to a thousand now.

Over the summer, we've put out multiple videos such as the "Kubrick" Trailer for Project Cyclone, premiered  this march, Multiple behind the scenes, and even content we'd never expected to make like  an unboxing video.

The biggest thing, and the one we're the most proud of, is the announcement of our newest movie, "The Candybar", witch will be coming to various film-festivals around Washington state  and is in production right now alongside Project:

Cyclone. Definitely FilmxFilms is growing ,and I feel my self as a director and my crew have grown well. There is more to come! so stay subscribed to all our various social networks, keep watching our videos and supporting us, and we  appreciate everything so far and can't wait for what's next! 

~Director, Myles Ross